Like Any other Indian recognized language, and also has been rightly included in the 8th schedule of the Indian Constitution having due recognition and honor from national institution like Sahitya Academy. Konkani the official language of state of Goa since 1987 and literary language of Goan since 1975.

Though konkani was largely spoken by the habitant of coastal area mainly west coast of India from Goa to south Kerala. It was not recognized in konkani literature in 19th century as the people who thought that kannada was their mother tongue in Karnataka and marathi in Maharashtra accordingly. Few people also from Goa believed that konkani is the dialect of marathi. Therefore marathi is the language of Goans.

But soon after liberation of Goa and prior too that several Goans realized that konkani could be used to write fictions, poetry and essays both in Roman and Devnagri scripts. Catechism religious writings of catholic church was being written in Roman scripts and followed by Hindu elite population of Goa also started to write in Devnagri scripts with full enfluence of marathi language which is main language of neighbour Maharashtra.

After Goa liberation in 1961 Goans were free and few if of Goyekar youth migrated to Mumbai for further college education, they started writing konkani literature in Devnagri script for the college wall papers and magazines. Shenoi Goem bab the prioneer of konkani literature who lived in Mumbai during those days took keen interest in writing konkani literature. He wrote essays, short stories, plays, poems and even grammer of konkani language laid the foundations were helpful to young of liberated Goa to express ambulatory in Devnagri scripts.

Several budding writers wrote in konkani along with great poet – Bakibab Borkar, Bayabhau, Prof. Laxman Rao Sardessai, Chandrakant Keni, Vijayabai Sarmalkar and so on. Later on writers like Damodar Mauzo, Meena Kakodkarm Shila Naik, N. Shibdas, Pundalik naik, Ramesh Veluskar, Mahadev Borkarand many other writers also reached for fame and name for the raze to be awarded and rewarded by Sahitya Academy and State Goa Govt.

Under such environment though writers were publishing and writing, they were not under the institution literary umbrella. During 198, few writers like Datta Naik, naguesh Kamat, Gurunath kelekar were striving to start a konkani daily for that it was resolved to form a writers organization called Konkani Lekhak Sangh was founded under the chairman ship of then young writer N. Shivdas.

But fortunately Vasudevbab Salgaonkar on his birth day 13th may declared a new konkani paper Sunaparant and Sunaparant konkani daily was installed on 13th may by Vasudevbab Salgaonkar thus the main aim of Konkani Lekhak Sangh was fulfilled, but Konkani Lekhak Sangh continued to function and decided to start literary activities. Such as publishing book of literature, help to budding writers, organize poetry meet, seminars and meeting, literary programmes meet and 1986 onwards though in between enthusiasm was little blown off for some time, Konkani Lekhak Sangh took rebirth in 2013 under the leadership of founding president N. Shivdas and supported strongly by Sufala Gaitonde, Gourish Vernekar and since then till date Konkani Lekhak Sangh has been active in konkani literary field. Every year in the month of july Konkani Lekhak Sangh celebrates its anniversary and honors two senior writers for their contribution for konkani literature.